Events and Workshops

Training for pharmacies in connection with the sub contracts for EHC, Chlamydia Screening and C-Card provision is held quarterly in the evenings. The course incorporates vulnerabilities; safeguarding; and includes a drug interaction workshop.

It is a valuable session that creates networking opportunities for pharmacists and ISHS sub-contract support staff. Reflection is carried out and scenarios are explored to ensure that all pharmacies delivering this service feel supported, and have a first point of contact to liaise with for any issues that arise.

Our Outreach Team train individual pharmacy staff on undertaking Chlamydia screening and the C-Card provision within the community.

Our Outreach Team attend multiple events throughout the year to educate as many people as possible in Sexual Health; i.e. Fresher’s Fairs, World Aids Day, Coventry Pride, The Godiva Festival, and in-school teaching sessions. 

The Outreach Team can be contacted via our main reception number 0300 020 0027, or via this link: