Online Testing

Integrated Sexual Health Services (ISHS) Coventry is currently supported by Free Test Me  to offer free and confidential STI Screening (HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea) for anyone aged 16 or above .

It is easy to register. Just enter your details, and a testing kit will be sent to your address of choice (Coventry residents only).

Each kit will either contain either a self-taken vaginal swab kit for females or a urine collection kit for males as well as a self sampling kit for HIV and Syphilis.

Once you have completed your sample/s return it in the post using the envelope provided and your result will be text to you within 2 weeks of your test date.

If your result indicates you need treatment you will be asked to call 0300 020 0001 (option 1) to discuss your result and to arrange treatment.


You can also request an online self sampling kit from for HIV.