Pregnancy options and choices

There are several choices available and only you can decide what is best for you.

You shouldn't feel pressured into a decision by anyone else, but you might want to talk to your parents, sibling, or a trusted adult (eg. youth workers) about your choices.

Advice and support

Don't go through it alone - it helps to talk your options through with somebody. Try to find someone you can talk to who you can trust.

 Parents /Carers

You may feel that your parents are the last people you can tell because they will be angry. Initially they may be shocked but most parents would not want you to go through it alone.


Perhaps you have a friend who can help and support you through any decision you make.


If you think you can't tell your parents, then perhaps a family member such as an aunt, or cousin or a sister or brother can help.


Perhaps there is another adult you can trust such as a youth worker, or a teacher, or a school nurse - anyone who can offer you support.

More information is available at

Continuing with the pregnancy

If you have decided to continue with the pregnancy, then you need to see your GP to discuss antenatal support.


You may decide that you want to go through with the pregnancy, but then have the child adopted.

Having a child adopted means that you will not bring the child up, but somebody else will. The adoptive parents will have gone through a testing process by social services. 

It helps to know all the information about adoption before you make a decision. The CoramBAAF provides advice and information on the process of adoption, including a helpful introduction (see: 'I'm pregnant and I want my child to be adopted' - CoramBAAF)

If this is an option you want to consider, then discuss it further with your GP to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. 


If you feel that it is not the right time for you to have a baby you may decide to have an abortion. An abortion is when the pregnancy is ended without the result of the birth of a child.

Consent to have an abortion

As long as you understand the procedures involved and are sure it is what you want to do, then even if you are under 16 you can give your own consent to the abortion without anyone else being informed, such as your parents/carer/guardian.

Only in some cases, depending on the situation, will the doctor feel it is necessary to obtain a guardian's consent.

You do not need to get consent from the father of the child, though you may want to talk to him when you think about what you want to do.